Media Bias

All the news media are biased, but some are worse than others. And that includes the mainstream media in the West. Daily Mail is biased toward sensationalism, CNN is liberal, New York Times is leftist, MSNBC is left-wing & pro-Democrats, Fox is pro-Republican & conservatives, the Guardian is radical left-wing, BBC is anti-Christian, RT is anti-America, Al Jazeera is the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood, Haaretz is anti-Israel, Huftington Post is liberal leftist, etc. Most of the news media are biased toward the perceived sensibilities of their target audience. The mainstream media will feed you with what they want you to think on certain matters. Therefore you must free yourself from mental slavery. Do not be lazy. You must take anything you read online or in the newspaper with a grain of salt. Read from multiple news sources to form your own judgment. You must remember that what was written is just a personal opinion of the journalist who has to conform to the agenda of his or her paymaster.